The band from Wandsworth are set to conquer the word it seems. After receiving pretty much universal critical acclaim according to meta-critic (Honestly! Someone has actually made a meta-analysis site of music reviews), this band seem to be everywhere. I’d be mean to say that the four 19-year-old south-londoners didn’t deserve the success but an NME cover-shot always raises an eyebrow.
For those you manage to have music-journo-free lives,  I suggest you take a look at their profile on the labels website.


But when (my loved ones hear me scream at my laptop). We all need a bit of 80’s glam to get us through the cold months. Pull up a chair in my urban warehouse (just watch the video) and jack those hips! (Just watch the video).

Watch the vid….

Don’t know why I’m mentioning this here, if something gets a limited release of 1000 copies I should really keep it to myself

Friendly fires- on board (Joakim remix)
Great song originally released som time ago (debut single for the band), Joakim as usual is amazing and original.




So here is the new space for  the GOOD, BAD AND THE OLD blog. The last space descided to eat itself (or something slightly more technical) and so this new space has come to life.

As before this blog is for all music, good , very bad, and also to celebrate anything non-current that needs a re-mention.

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